Bespoke Item


Introducing the MadcoW White Box!


Have you ever dreamed of having a full custom dog collar set but have never been able to afford it? 

What if we could help you get your very own custom package made and designed just to your liking only for $189.99!


Each and every box will be custom-tailored to match your likes and needs according to the choices you pick and the answers you give during the ordering process!


 What makes this box special and worth the extra $75.00 over the black box?

The Black box ships out with items already offered on our site but the white box is literally a full custom package made just for you! We will tailor-make each and every package according to how you answered each of our questions to custom suit you and your dog.


Each and every box we ship will have a different mix of goods with no two being the same.! You will receive anywhere from $275 to $350 worth of MadcoW Merch and everything will be exclusive one of a kind just for you! 




  • Please give us as much information in the space provided so we can make you a collar that fits you and your dog's style. " The more information the better" This is meant to be a fun and exciting experience and we really want you to be in love with what we will make for you.


  • Please note that white box customs are non-returnable or refundable. These will all be custom one of a kind sets designed for you and in most cases even include your dog's name. Please make sure you measure according to our sizing guideline so that nothing is left to chance. If in the rare case the collar does not fit then please reach out and we will find a solution.


  • Custom white box collars do not include Hand-tooled styles, anything hand-beaded or padded lining at this time.


  • Please take a moment to browse the images of past customs we have made to give you a better idea of what we can make and the types of designs we can potentially make for you.


  • Please note this is a fully custom bespoke item and can take anywhere from k3 - 4 wees to ship.


We will not make anything containing sexually related or drug-related content in any form.



White Box