Our Premium Spike collar is our highest quality Spiked dog collar ever produced.  No attention to detail was left untouched from the buckle guard to prevent rubbing and pulling of your dog's fur to the matching stitching this collar is top-notch in every way.




White Patent Spike

$65.99 Regular Price
$19.80Sale Price
Color Spikes
    • 100% Meticulously Handmade 
    • Hand Rubbed Smooth Edges 
    • White Patent Leather
    • Your Choice Of Gold Or Black Spikes & Matching Hardware
    • 1.75 " Wide
    • Buckle Guard
    • Pink Softy Padded Leather Bottom
    • Fully Adjustable 
    • Matching Pink Stitching
    • Attachment For A Leash Or Dog Tags

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