Inspired by one of our all time favorite 80's flicks and one of the most iconic. We took our time in capturing the feel and detail of the charecter in which it is based off of. From the exact matched steel blue coloring of the Robocop Armour to the OCP logo engraved on the inside no amount of detail was left untouched.

If you are a Robocop fan then this is your collar!


Robo -001

$54.99 Regular Price
$27.50Sale Price
    • 100% Handmade 
    • Hand Rubbed Smooth Edges 
    • Robocop Inspired Design
    • Fully Adjustable 
    • All Leather
    • Metallic Steel Blue Finish
    • Heavy Duty Black Hardware 
    • Attachment For The Leash - Dog Tags
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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