Mr.Panda had always admired and loved the glimmering tinsel and festive colorful decor of the holiday season. In fact, it was admittedly his 3rd favorite time of year of course.

He had never in his 12 long years on this earth ever set out to decorate his own home and fully embraced Christmas to its fullest but this year he was going to be different.

After eating a bowl full of bamboo flakes his favorite cereal he began his quest which he dubbed The great Panda adventure part 7.

First, up went the tree that he had coincidently found in his neighbor's front yard, how convenient! 

Putting up the tree went off without a hitch and after standing back in the admiration of his handy work he knew he had to add more. He hung up Panda socks over the chimney with care knowing full well that St Nick would be there.

He wrapped some gifts all that he had picked just for he and placed them ever so neatly under the tree. Now just one thing was missing.

Ah of course said Mr.Panda Xmas lights the main reason behind this wonderful event!

He recalled the neighbor who had been so generous to grow a tree in his front yard had also laid out a generous amount of lights all over his rooftop.! Again convenience and a neighbors generosity had saved the day!

After using extra caution to only remove enough lights from his neighbor's home for his tree, as one should never be greedy and take more than one needs he commenced the lighting festivities.

He spun in a circle throwing the strands of lighting into the air knowing they would land perfectly adorning the tree in a most splendid manner because of course how else is one to decorate a tree...

And so you see kids this is how Mr.Panda came to find himself entangled in quite a mess of lights that adored himself and every part of his home...except the tree... but don't fret he knew just who to call! His good neighbor who had loaned him the tree and lights, to begin with, was sure to come to his aide as that of coarse is what good neighbors do especially during the holidays.


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Mr. Panda's Xmas

    • Designed And Hand Crafted In The USA
    • Argentina Cowhide
    • 4mm Thick
    • Fully Adjustable 
    • Attachment for the leash - Dog Tags
    • Hand Rubbed Smooth Edges
    • 100% Handmade
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty